Earth Day

April 22, 2018. Earth Day.

Earth Day, the symbolic unification of the globe under an environmentalist banner, has become a widely celebrated phenomenon. Its stress on Earth’s preservation and protection garners a nearly universal following, and this shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the devastation humanity has already caused the planet. However, the idea behind Earth Day is not something novel by any measure. Indeed, the movement is, in many ways, a reflection of Islamic principles regarding the environment. Similar to how Earth Day stresses the beauty of the Earth, Allah (subhanahu wa’ta’ala) eloquently paints colorful images of Earth with images of fruits, mountains, and rivers. And He (subhanahu wa’ta’ala) points out in Surah Ghafir that His creation of the Earth is greater than humans, implying that we ought to take care of it. Thus, the principles of Earth Day are integrated within Islam as well, which makes it even more important that Muslims actively observe and promote Earth Day. The teachings of Islam are timeless, and Earth Day is simply evidence of that.


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