Joy of Sacrifice

Dissociating from your desires is not letting go of your nafs, it is more so learning to control it. MYNA camps, and this whole organization, are both a hub for breeding friendships and connections that may benefit youth’s life for years to come. One week of being around people that may live thousands of miles away from you, and quickly creating magnetic bonds that will last a lifetime. Organizing an event as such is a true blessing; seeing the smiles of others and the impact that something Allah allowed you organized has on them is a beyond valuable. How does this have to do with our nafs? The relation lies in the sacrifice that is given to see benefit in others.

As youth involved in MYNA, sometimes our responsibilities resonate as burdens to us. Our worldly desires rise and cloud our original intentions for getting involved in MYNA. This is normal, it happens to everyone. Our nafs creeps up on us in ways we never expect, just as the opportunity to brighten others’ hearts. By sacrificing our time and putting effort into organizing camps and events, we bring change–and more specifically–happiness to the lives of others. Seeing this can warm the heart of even the shallowest person. The evasion of our nafs that was initially required by us, now glows as noor in the smiles and laughs of our fellow Muslim youth. Once any of us experiences such, the control of our nafs becomes just that tad bit easier. Our life doesn’t seem so clouded by the irrelevance that once brought us joy, and our passion for helping others before ourselves blooms. We can adapt to our own desires by feeding ourselves with the joy of others, and through this inshaAllah improve our own relationships with Allah. So the next time you find stress in a responsibility taken to benefit others, know that the potential that Allah has placed in your hands will always benefit you full circle. So spend that extra hour, skip a couple movies, and own your nafs.


Image Source: Buddy Mays / Alamy