Muslims & Windmills

Muslim achievements have been the foundation for the progress of the world from small, isolated tribes to where we are now, and they are, indeed, very much overshadowed. Muslims, for example, were the first people to experiment with and use windmills, which may seem exceptionally fitting, as many now advocate for the use of wind power in order to preserve the health of the environment, which Islam, of course, encourages. The use of windmills was crucial to the Muslims in order to replace water mills during dry seasons as reliable sources of energy. They were also used as ancient forms of air conditioning and provided farmers the ability to irrigate their farms in arid conditions. The clean and efficient source of energy posed by windmills made them undeniably groundbreaking back then and even more so now as they can serve as mediators between our lust for energy and the environment’s depriving resources. Thus, the creations of Muslims are not to be overlooked as they provided and continue to provide revolutionizing techniques for survival and prosperity.


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