A Test

A word that different people may perceive in different ways.
A group that the media degrades, and because of the channels like fox news think they slay.
Well, let me give you a quick news flash: what the media says isn't always right or bright and
my sometimes give you a fright.
Some people after 9/11 think I'm Bin Laden. Sorry. I'm going to have to break it to you. I'm
I don't have that cold blood under my skin, and I don't make the word spin by thinking
violence is the answer to everything.
And I don't take my religion and make it look like the worst of things, because sometimes
religion is all someone has going for him.
The Head Scarf the hijab is something I wear.
I know all the time I walk down the hallway people stare.
They don't know that this has become part of me, a sacred part of my identity. One that holds
me close to God, Rabi, please help me become stronger on this everyday journey.
I know this is just a test. How strong can I be. A test. It was my decision to preserve my dignity.
A test. You can hate on me all you want, but it won't hurt you see... It's a challenge for people
not to judge based on outside looks, but rather the inner beauty.