I am From

I am From

I am from freshly picked olives
Still tasting of Palestinian roots

I am from sisters whose bond is unbreakable
and brothers who bounce off the walls

I am from hundreds of first cousins
and enormous family reunions

I am from fluffy, red blankeys
And grey, silk sheets

I am from summer days at the park
Climbing on monkey bars

I am from running, shrieking with laughter
Games we used to play

I am from lessons of teenage years
With tears on my pillow, unanswered cries

I am from long days at school
And hurrying to watch Netflix

I am from beautiful patterns, colors, and fabrics
Covering my hair, neatly pinned in place

I am from roasted lamb and chopped salads
At community potlucks and warm embraces

I am from weekends of service
To serve Lexington, the city that served me

I am from generations of uneducated,
Hard working, well-deserved men who
Raised me, fed me, clothed me

I am from hard work, the American Dream, choices and sacrifices
Yet I am still figuring out, just exactly where
I am from