One of the greatest tragedies regarding American Muslims is how oblivious most are to the peril their brothers and sisters face on the other side of the world in countries like Somalia and Syria where ongoing civil wars tear apart families and ruin the lives of thousands of Muslims. As opposed to the relatively tranquil condition of the Israeli government or even that of Vatican City, Muslim governments frequently have a tendency towards corruption or an inability to preserve order. In Syria, President al-Asaad’s government has battled rebel groups, including ISIS, since 2011. Stemming from protests calling for the removal of the President, the civil war has turned into an international conflict with al-Asaad aggressively trying to subdue the rebellion. In Somalia, the Somalian government wrestles with several rebel groups, most namely the al-Shabaab, constantly spawning devastated refugees. While these are only two examples from a long list, they are not meant to convey hopelessness but rather urgency. No conflict is not able to mediated, and there is no one better to pacify conflicts in Muslim countries than Muslims themselves. We cannot allow for our religion to be the seed of its own destruction. The young, vibrant, and enthusiastic group of Muslims in the United States must recognize that Islam faces danger both within and outside of its own confines.



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