10 Hijab Life Hacks

10 Hijab Hacks Every Muslim Girl should know:

Wrinkly scarf? Fear no more! Simply damp your scarf slightly and whip in in the dryer or a few minutes while you continue getting ready, or blow-dry it! Wrinkle free is the way to be!

Are you always loosing your hijab pins? Not any more! Take a piece of magnetic tape and tape it to your mirror, cabinet, wall, etc and just attach all your hijab pins there!

MYNA bonfire got your hijab smelling smokey? Whip out a dryer sheet and rub it on your scarf! It’ll get rid of the smoke smell until you’re able to wash it!

If you don’t have a hijab pin handy, take a pair of sunglasses and place them on top of your head. This will help keep it in place until you find a pin AND is a cute accessory!

Can’t find a hijab cap? Use a pair of tights/stockings instead! Tie the ends under the scarf and you are ready to go!

Ever have your scarf blowing all over the place because of the wind? Just use a hijab pin to pin it down to your top or add a heavy necklace!

If you ever have a hole, or stain on your scarf, just tie a knot where the imperfection is and you're all set!

Use nail polish to paint the tips of your hijab pins to better match your scarf!

Stick your hijab pins in a teddy bear or large canvas, to avoid losing them!

Baby hairs being annoying? Use hair gel or hair spray to hold your baby hairs down so that your hair will stay in place!


Image Source: www.michaelhugganphotography.com