Voices through Demonstrations in Iran

According to thousands of Iranian students and citizens, the reign of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has gone on long enough. Dissidents rock the streets of some of Iran’s most important cities, including Abhar and Karaj, crying out for the Supreme Leader to step down due to his claimed inadequacy. These protests, although seemingly perennial, have become increasingly violent and focal in the past weeks, perhaps because of the increasing clarity in the concern of the Iranian protesters, who blame Khamenei for the country’s apparent adamant economic stagnation and political subordination in many respects. During the last few days, public officials have threatened that all rebels will be held accountable for their actions, but their warnings barely appear to desist the enormous number of protesters. Despite the Shia-Sunni divide that many feel sunder Iran from its fellow Muslim countries, Shia Muslims are not to be disregarded or shunned when it comes to protecting Islam and Muslims around the world. They are and continue to be our responsibility, and it is, for this reason, why it is essential to be cognizant of these kinds of global developments.




Image Source: iranflag.facts.co