How to Keep Yourself Warm when it is Freezing!

With the winter season approaching us, temperatures are starting to drop. Here are some tips on keeping yourself and your surroundings warm so you are actually able to function in this weather!

1) Layer up

It is pretty obvious, but the first thing you need to do is contain your body heat by covering up and wearing more layers to stay warm.

2) Get a portable heater

There are several stores which sell mini heaters that you can plug into a wall in your bedroom. A little goes a long way with the warm air which those heaters throw out.

3) Cover up potential drafts

Make sure your doors are properly sealed so drafts do not make your house completely cold. Also, try to get thicker curtains to prevent the cold from coming in through the windows.

4) Do not use extremely hot water in the shower

As crazy as it sounds, taking a piping hot shower can actually make you feel cold more easily. This is mainly because hot water is not as strong as cold water when it comes to improving blood circulation and strengthening your immune system.

5) Stock up on handwarmers, gloves, and thick socks

Your hands and feet can often feel the coldest, so be prepared by wearing thick socks and stuffing your jacket pockets with handwarmers in advance to prevent the cold from getting in your way.

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