The Shade of Allah

The Prophet (SAW) has stated that Allah (SWT) will shade seven types of people on the Day of judgement. Naturally then, these are people we should all strive to emulate to increase our faith.

1. A just ruler.

2. Youth who spent their time in the worship and service of Allah.

3. One whose heart is attached to the Masjid.

4. Two people who love each other for the sake of Allah (marriage).

5. One who declines a sin after being offered because they fear Allah.

6. One who spends their charity in secret.

7. One who remembers Allah in solitude until their eyes fill with tears.

Each of these types of people can be embodied by our Muslim youth who desire to secure the shade of Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgement.

1: Although none of us are rulers, we are all leaders in something. In our leadership, we must not be biased or careless.

2: The second one is directed toward the youth. We can achieve this quality by constantly reciting dhikr (remembrance of Allah), remembering our Prayers, and reading the Quran daily.

3: Going to the masjid may be harder for some people; however, no matter how hard this may be, the reward is worth it. Going in the morning to pray Fajr and ending off the day in the masjid to pray Isha comes with its immediate reward: blessings (barakah) and fulfillment of the heart.

4: The fourth one is specific for when we get older. We should always remember that Allah is the sole facilitator of our actions. This type of person should not be associated with the flimsy idea of girlfriends and boyfriends. This is strictly talking about marriage for the sake of Allah.

5: As youth, we are constantly surrounded by un-Islamic behavior. It is upon us to remember that Allah is always watching. This means we do not just decline wrong because our parents might get upset. We should always decline wrong because we fear Allah and the punishment of Hellfire.

6: Charity (zakah) is one of the pillars of Islam. We should always be giving not to show off, but rather to add to our good deeds and ajar. Keeping the good we do in secret allows us to achieve the love for Allah in our hearts and to recognize the blessings we have.

7: When we are alone or have time for ourselves, we should remember Allah rather than watch TV, play video games, or gossiping about unnecessary things. The constant dhikr we do will allow is to achieve the highest level of peace in our minds, soul, beliefs, and actions.

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