MYNA Is Home, MYNA Is Family

This year I went to my very first Muslim Youth of North America summer camp, and all I have to say is, it was truly one of the most influential moments in my life thus far. It was so amazing to be in a setting with Muslims my age from all over the United States, to hear everything they had to say about certain topics, to sit amongst such bright minds, and to listen to our guests speak about our Prophet, peace be upon him. But the most eye-opening part of that week was the bonfire.

Hearing Mouadh recite Surah Az-Zumar and describe heaven, sitting with the people I now knew and loved with all my heart, staring at the stars, suddenly fully aware that I was living my life all wrong. That WE are living life all wrong. We take so much for granted. We fail to realize that each moment spent with the people we love is precious. We don’t realize how much we love things until we lose them.

I hope that I never lose MYNA, because MYNA is family. MYNA is home.