I NEVER want to stop going to camp

I can’t wait to go to back to myna to see my best friends. My love for camp is beyond words. Camp makes me so happy, and I look forward to it EVERY YEAR. I wish camp was every other week. My favorite memories at camp were at winter camp. It was my first camp, and I was so scared. But around the 3rd day I made so many friends, and I will never forget about them. We walked up the trail together and played games. And the best things happen at myna. At summer camp, as soon as I walked in, I ran to my friends, and we were crying in our arms; I will never forget that. During summer camp, we fell down the trail, and it was simply funny. Camp is all about making new friends and never forgetting them. It’s also about learning, and while some people think learning is boring, it’s not when you do it like this. I’ve only been to 3 camps, and I DON’T regret going to a single one. I want to thank my friends for getting me into camp. There are only 14 days until winter camp. I’m so ready see my besties, and I never want to stop going to camp. I hope to see you there!