Post Summer Camp Reflection

As winter camp time approaches, I’d like to reflect on the few months since the summer camp in Davis, Oklahoma. Not only was it a chance to meet new people and see my old friends, but it was a time to focus more on myself and my relationship with my Creator.

The lecture about parents brought tears to my eyes, and the workshop about things we couldn’t live without got me thinking. I listened carefully and prayed a lot during Mouadh’s bonfire lecture about Jannah, and my knowledge grew during Yasmeen’s MYNAlympics activities.

Still, something was tugging at me all week. I still talk to my friends every so often, but would my Iman remain heightened? Would it drop because the hype of camp was over and I no longer had to follow the rules set by MYNA? These were worries that I had before and during camp. I told myself not to worry because it would be better, inshAllah.

Looking back, I was right. I’m definitely doing more. I now focus on improving myself, and I pray to Allah often, thankful for MYNA teaching me and helping me grow with my newfound family at each camp. I still try to recite Qur’an and post-prayer remembrances often.

Recently, to get people excited for camp, I would go through the many pictures, videos, and notes taken at previous camps. It feels like I fell in love all over again. As I continue to let my tears spill while I reminisce on the “good old days,” hanging out with my friends and tipping the boats at camp, I can’t help but feel my heart flutter in anticipation of this upcoming camp. We hope for the best and work for it. And inshAllah, we come out better than before.