Growing up in America, every year in lower school, we dressed up as Pilgrims and Native Americans and shared some food with our peers in classrooms. However, this redundant practice should be taken one step further. Thanks and Giving. It is easily forgotten to truly reflect on both thanks and giving during this holiday.

While gorging all the food, be sure to spend some time to reflect about how thankful you are for what you have. It sounds cliche, but it’s important that we all take some time out and give thanks to the one who put us where we are - the Creator and the Giver (swt). An easy way to get closer to Allah is to show Shukr. Prostrate to Allah (swt) and serve him through good deeds, dhikr, and Salah.

Furthermore, a good deed we are all capable of is giving and encouraging others to give. Giving and helping others gives everyone a sense of joy in and is certainly contagious. When one person plants the seed, an entire giving tree branches out to the whole community. Everyone should try to give a little of what they themselves have to those who don’t have it. Allah (swt) has got you covered! In the Qur’an Allah (swt) explains that “Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: for He does not love creatures that are ungrateful and a sinner.” (2:276) Don’t forget to give/help others out and show thanks this Thanksgiving!