Coconut oil is super high in saturated triglycerides like lauric acid, myristic, palmitic, caprylic fatty acids and others! These fatty acids, along with the other ingredients, help your overall health and have been identified as beneficial for acne treatment thanks to it being an antimicrobial.

You may be familiar with using it in your cooking and baking, but here are a couple other super useful ways to use it in your daily life!

1. Oil Pulling - Oil pulling is a Ayurvedic proactive where you swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10-20 minutes. It whitens the teeth as well as freshens your breathe since it is an antimicrobial

2. Creamer - Replace your high calorie coffee creamer with coconut oil with a dash of vanilla and some sweetener! It will provide a long lasting energy boost without making you feel jittery.

3. Feet! - Coconut oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. If you have athlete’s foot, fungal infection, or a crack heel, just apply coconut oil to get rid of fungus and to fix the dry areas!

4. Fix Day To Day Struggles - Zipper stuck? Use some coconut oil. Bike chains rough? Use some coconut oil. Shoes need some polish? Use coconut oil!

5. Acne Scar Treatment - The vitamin E and antioxidants in the oil help heal scars and smooth out skin for a clearer complexion. (Make sure its 100% pure extra virgin coconut oil or it might clog your pores!)

6. Leave-In Conditioner/Deep Conditioner/Hair Mask - Apply to scalp and hair and leave for a couple hours. Shampoo and rinse off, and your hair will be soft and hydrated! It will improve dry scalps and lower risk of hair loss.

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