My Journey With MYNA

I’ve been attending MYNA camps and events since 2010 after going to my first camp in Michigan, and it’s been an experience and a half to say the least. Growing up in an environment full of Muslim youth really helped shape me into the Muslim I am today. Every camp and educational forum always had a perfect balance of lectures for knowledge and activities to just bond with the other youth around you. Just this past winter camp I became a counselor for the first time. As intimidating as it was it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I was now on the other side of things, helping make a week full of memories, happiness and comfort for my campers just as I had always received as a camper. It was such a great transition because, knowing what it felt like being a camper, I knew what I had to do to make my campers enjoy MYNA to the max. After being a counselor I’ve come to love MYNA in a whole new light. I see the youth building up in a world where they’re constantly being broken down. I see the opportunities it gives youth to become leaders not only in myna but in their own communities. I see the effort being put into our future Ummah. MYNA has been the greatest organization I have ever been with. From being a child to now an adult, there was always something to learn and gain from the environment it creates. Beyond the memories it’s given me, it has also given me some of my best friends today that I will always be thankful for. I genuinely don’t know how my life would’ve been had I not had MYNA, but I thank Allah constantly that I never had to find out.