Underrated Blessings: MYNA Lectures

I’ve been to four MYNA camps so far, and inshAllah that number will continue to grow. It’s been three years since my first camp, and I can say without a doubt that the lectures were always the best part of each camp. I remember everyone crying during the bonfire lecture at my first camp, because the topic was sins, and it hit us hard. At my third camp, we lay in the sun as Br. Fiyyaz spoke about Jannah and Jahanam. We dug our feet in the sand and either looked up at the stars or into the fire before us, while a counselor gave the lecture at the bonfire during the most recent camp. Little moments like these bring camp together. The tears shed as we listen and silently take everything in make some of the best memories. Camp lectures, at whatever length, bring us one of the biggest blessings: knowledge.