Tackling Trials and Tribulations

At a time where it seems stress, problems, and hardships are greater than ever before, many people are quick to pose the infamous question: why me? What have I done as a practicing Muslim to deserve this? Is Allah angry with me? These questions, like most of spiritual relevance, are easily answered by looking to the Quran. All believers face difficulties, some more than others, but one must never forget that such difficulties are entirely withstandable if we turn to Allah. As elucidated in Surat Ash-Sharh ayat 6, Allah, in His grace and benevolence, knows what his creation can and cannot endure. Whenever you may be faced with a tribulation, afflicting as it may be, remember that you are only following Allah’s plan and “With every hardship comes ease.” (Surat Ash-Sharh: 6) Your only task in such a situation is to strengthen your iman through diligent prayer and heedful zikr: to endure the storm.