Tips on Keeping your Room Clean

It can be hard to live and work in a room that is cluttered and messy. Here are some tips to keep your room clean in the long run!

1. Get into the habit of making your bed every morning

Mornings can definitely be rushed and busy trying to get out of the house on time, but making your bed takes two minutes at most. When the bed is made, the whole room feels clean and when it is not made the whole room feels messy.

2. Go through your closet often so it does not get overcrowded

Sometimes there are clothes sitting in our closets that we have not worn for months, and they just take up space while making the closet look more cluttered. Every couple of months, go through your clothes and donate the items you don't use to charity. This can also make it easier to put back clothes when you are done wearing them for the day.

3. Keep multiple hampers or laundry baskets at hand

Even though your closet is right behind you, you may find a lot of your clothes ending up on the floor or on that special "chair" that is basically a clothing rack. If you keep one laundry basket in your bedroom and one in the bathroom, it makes it easier to put all of your clothes in one place right after you are done wearing them. You can finally walk around without stepping on clothes and sit on your desk chair!

4. Put a laundry day into your weekly schedule

That laundry basket has to be emptied at some point, so try coming up with one day every week where you will do your laundry and make it a part of your schedule. For example, you can set every Tuesday as your laundry day to prevent yourself from running out of clean clothes to wear.

5. Organize your desk and vanity areas more often

It can be hard to work on a desk with limited space due to all of the clutter surrounding you, so go through the papers an supplies while throwing out what you no longer need. It can be helpful to keep a file cabinet or folder for the papers which you don't currently need but will need in the long run. Do the same thing in the areas where you get ready; for example, throw out the makeup or skincare products which are empty or which you no longer use.

6. Follow the two minute rule!

In the end, rooms get messy even though we try our best to keep them clean. If you find something about your room messy or out of place, think about how long it will take you to clean it up. If it will take two minutes or less, which most things do, fix it right then and there so the clutter does not build up. Anyone can take those two minutes out of their schedule, and it's for the best!