Three Apps that will Help you Keep your Life on Track!

Nowadays, we find ourselves living on our smartphones. We may as well use them to keep ourselves organized and productive!

Here are a few smartphone apps that will help you stay focused, productive, and more organized overall:

1. Forest - Stay Focused The app Forest is a perfect way to spend some time AWAY from your phone to focus on other things which are really important. You can plant a seed in the app, and this seed will grow into a tree over time. However, if you feel like using your phone and end up leaving the app, the tree withers and dies. You can plant trees with friends and reach special achievements to keep yourself more motivated! The motivation will help you manage your time and stay more productive as you avoid wasting time on your phone.

2. Evernote - Get organized Evernote is an incredibly helpful app when it comes to having all of your information easily accessible in one place. You can create calendars/schedules, notes, plans/templates, and you can even scan handwritten notes into your phone. Every time you need to reference something, just open Evernote. It makes it that easy! Plus, your notes can be synced across all of your devices!

3. Focus Keeper Work and Study Timer - Stop Procrastinating Focus Keeper is a great app for students, especially those students who tend to procrastinate on assignments! It helps with time management, as it keeps you on task while helping you avoid burning out. You are given timed focus periods and then timed breaks. You choose a task, set the focus timer, focus until the timer rings, and then take a five minute break. After four focused sessions, you are given a longer break (20-30 minutes). This way, you can study or work in good chunks of time while not tiring your brain. It is a great way to stay productive!

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