Rock the Vote!

Every election season, activists, teachers, and peers talk about the importance of voting and encourage each other to vote. But why vote? How does YOUR vote matter?

Voting does not just include the Presidential Elections, but also state and local elections and even local decisions on social issues and projects. This year, on November 8th, the midterm elections will take place. The midterm elections decide who controls the House of Representatives and the Senate. The purpose of the House and Senate, which together make up Congress, is to represent the people’s vote for decisions made on laws of the nation. All 435 seats in the House are up for grabs and about one-third of the Senate’s. Therefore, if everyone votes, Congress will truly represent the nation as a whole! The legislative branch makes nearly every decision for the US, making this election more important than any other! Bills regarding gun reform, women and reproductive rights, immigration - anything and everything - must get passed through the Congress before going anywhere else. It is critical that US citizens vote for strong, responsible leaders, who can make decisions representative of their respective state, moving the country to a new direction. Currently, both the House and Senate stand as Republican majority. This year, Democrats hope to gain at least two more seats to regain majority in the Senate. In addition, this year, 36 states will hold governor elections during the midterms. Local politics are also at stake as it is the American citizens who get to decide what the future holds.

Before voting though, educating yourself about each candidate should not be taken lightly! Although not everyone is equally “woke” about politics, politics surrounds everyone and it is vital to be informed about who there is to vote for. Find the good and bad in each candidate and look through multiple reliable sources while reading about them.

Voting is important to the history of America. As a Democratic nation, citizens have a responsibility, a voice, a choice, to vote together in order to create a nation of the people and by the people. Moreover, voting is being involved in the democratic governmental process, keeping it in check, and one of the most patriotic acts. Everyone’s vote does count. In fact, in many states it comes to every last vote to decide if it swings right or left. In other words, each and everyone’s civic duty, to vote, determines the leaders of our nation, who will then vote on behalf of the state on national and international issues, shaping the nation. Rock the Vote!