The Pursuit of Knowledge

In an era of ignorance, where stereotypes and nonsensical assumptions have replaced rational thought and human rapport, the pursuit of knowledge is often put on the back burner to instead focus on ephemeral matters of little value. However, Islamic intellectualism is revered in the Quran, as it not only strengthens our imaan, but also bolsters our understanding of the very worship we engage in daily. A simple dua found in the Quran, “Oh my Lord, increase me in my knowledge!” (Surat Ta-Ha: 114), epitomizes this yearning for education that Muslims should strive to maintain. Additionally, the great Imam Al-Tirmidhi went as far as to say, “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” Many may shy away from an opportunity to learn, citing their busy schedules or their ripe age having passed them by, when in reality they are simply not willing to make things work. So if you get the chance to broaden your knowledge, take it head on with the intent of not only benefiting yourself mentally, but spiritually as well. Indeed, Allah is All Knowing and aware of all of that which you did and did not do to strengthen your relationship with Him, as “He is with you wherever you may be; and Allah is seeing your deeds.” (Surat Al-Hadid: 4)