Best Week of My Life

"Out of the 5-6 camps I’ve been to, this was definitely the most beneficial. Being Camp Chair really did shape my already passionate view on MYNA, seeing smiling faces of kids who I had never met and people I had never seen was truly life changing. Never have I connected with such a large groups of people and on such a personal level than I did at this camp. The feeling of people looking up to me created nothing but a positive vibe and a constant drive to become a better person. The sessions are really what brought the most life to this camp in my opinion, in that they were so engaging that people were willing to give up recreation time just to stay in them. In memory of this camp; if I have one thing that I took away, it is the importance of loving those closest to you, and that may seem obvious, but what it truly means is befriending Allah. No one is closer to you than Him."

- Hamza Qureshi, South Central MYNA Camper


"For me, my first MYNA winter camp didn't start off so good, but quickly became an amazing time to meet new Muslim sisters that became my great friends. The speakers were amazing and I loved Sr. Nancy; I felt understood through her talks and the messages they gave. I made amazing bonds with all the counselors, especially mine, and I enjoyed playing mafia with all the girls and always being killed first (...thanks Anisa). By far the best thing about camp was making unbreakable bonds with people I had just met and meeting the best friends ever. Every girl was so inclusive, no matter the age everyone accepted everyone for who they were. I want to thank myna and everyone who encouraged me to go to camp because it was honestly the best experience ever!" 

- Salwa Syed, Midwest MYNA Camper


"I really enjoyed going to MYNA camp this year, not only because I want to see old friends from previous camps, but because I find myself more connected to my faith after every camp. The feeling of acceptance and welcome that I get at camp is so invigorating and the vibe that I get from going to MYNA camp is unlike any other. MYNA has really showed me the importance of staying true to myself and to my religion even when surrounded by people who think differently than me. Overall, I would say that MYNA camp is, and continues to be an integral part of my identity as a Muslim youth growing up in a Christian majority country, and I hope that I can keep coming for as long as I can."

- Rayyan Nassr, North Central MYNA Camper