God Bless America

God bless America

Chilling is a breath on history

A long lost call to learn from our mistakes

A break from hate when you learn it never healed any wounds

I can't help but realize my place in this world is defined by the latest news feed

I've learned to read

Between the lines that society gives me and you wouldn't believe how beautiful the empty space

When you look at me

You wouldn't see a terrorist

But a girl who's probably too young for this

It makes me think that today's news anchors might need a therapist

I think they're forgetting my point of view on this

I'm sick of peeling headlines off my back

If I choose to be a Muslim

It's not your job to approve of that

I'm done with repetition

It's like each day kids have new ammunition

They don't know how easily I can tell the story of the wombs that filled

American untouched soil with footsteps

And when they tell me to go back to my country

I will investigate for those footsteps in the dusted photo albums beneath my mothers wedding dress

And when breaking news tells me who I am

I will take a deep breath and leave the smell of my lungs in the air

And every breath

God will give me will fill this nation with the scent of my identity I make my own entity

This is not an apologetic note asking why this world can lack sincerity

I think we already learned the answer to that when we received our own dictionary of names that replaced me everyone else covers their eyes, grabs someone's hand and runs

If standing unmoving in my roots is what holds me back from running over a cliff

I can only hope my roots are strong enough

I realize this is dramatically written

But all I ask of you is to simply listen

Sometimes it feels like drama is meant to be deliciously foolish

Like we have a cracked ceiling that is ultimately roofless

But if you finally look up you may see something that benefits you more than a bright screen that claims your lifetime longer than a fantasy ever should

We are the reality

We just have to stop making it a show

And girl I see your skin in the heavily trodden soil under the sidewalk

I just wish there wasn't so much concrete to make it seem as if we never came to leave our landmark

But baby I can see something through the cracks of new paint that smothered the graffiti beneath it

That said enough is enough of hating for no reason

These labels are just labels

So we look to the stars

So many years ahead into perfection

A collection of flashlights turned on cases that were solved in the dark

We are Americans

We built this great nation from the blood that flowed from our palms as we held hands to tight to let go

We need to build bridges not walls

Uniting as proud Americans

All of our hearts beat together when the beat of our anthem calls

Terrorism has no religion

Realize that each color of our rainbow has held a gun

Some people are just color blind

Yes we have struggled but have risen in this face of black to bring light to my case,

To ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country

I'm calling to each and every one watching me

You now have a responsibility

To step up and define yourself

To strip away stereotypes and spread ur arms

Filling up enough room to fill the space between empty words

Hope is in strong words

I can feel it

Like an ocean let loose at night

When the sun arises everything is clean and lit and my words are my weapon

They will wake you up but I will never intend to kill

So come together and rise and don't be still


Tremble in the wake of injustice

We will fight this

Ignite this

Prejudice never healed any wounds but only stretched them to cover the rest of our beauty

We are beautiful

As our colors mix into the sweet air that we exchange

And she wakes up to the sunrise and says good morning when she is innocent and beautiful

God bless America