this addiction, my worst enemy

has gone from days, months, to years

it's taken over my life, haunted me

it's become my biggest fear.


the consumption is overwhelming

without it what would I be?

but with it, it leaves me emptiness

and many left years of misery.


many times I've tried knowing,

that I have to let it go

but I continue to torture myself

and spend my life alone.


Why is it that we hang onto

the one who doesn't care,

i have to try and change it

i have my own life to spare.


so with this voice inside me

and all the strength I have left within

i'll push myself to move forward

my new life is waiting, ready to begin


life comes with everything

sorrows and despair

but what we often look past

is that it comes with happiness and prayer


God has given us this life

not to survive it

but to live it


so with these words

i hope you can find

a place of peace and closure

a place to rid yourself

of vanities and addictions

and be your own leader


so that addiction, no longer existing

frees you

and you are now living


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