Our Return to Allah: A Spiritual Awakening

Transition is always difficult. We belong to Him and to Him we shall return.

If we have a memory of our dearly departed friend and companion, we should share it. If we remember a quality of her, we should embody it.  And if she taught any of us a lesson, live it. Through her, we can become closer to Allah (swt).  Fatima can be the best reminder to better ourselves. Weather that be becoming closer to Allah, or just having a better outlook on life. Her spirit illuminated many of our lives, even to those of us who just met her once. We should remember a few things when it comes to dealing with such a hardship, as mentioned by Imam Suhaib Webb:

  1. Our feelings and emotions are real and normal. They are a form of worship and should not be concealed or overlooked

  2. It is  extremely important to say and do great of her to magnify the good that she has done. (Examples: Giving Sadaqa, Making Dua, Reading Quran, and Making Hajj.)

  3. It is important to have people around us to help and support us through difficult times.

  4. Everyone will taste death, it does not shy away from anyone.

We ask you Al-Wahhab to bless Fatima and her family. We ask you Ar-Rahman to allow us all to meet her in Jannah In Sha Allah. We ask you As-Salam to make this easier on her friends and on her family. We ask you Al-Ghafur to forgive her sins.



Noor Elshaikh