Zoya Khan

I was never quite sure what I was going to do with myself once I aged out of MYNA. 
How would I spend my weekday evenings, if I wasn’t on a MYNA call? What would I do with my breaks, if I was not attending every possible MYNA camp? How would I maintain my deen, if I was not constantly surrounded by my MYNA family?

A world in which I was not consumed by MYNA seemed unimaginable. Who was I, if I was not that annoying girl who kept talking about that youth group thing? As it is, life trudges forward with our without your consent. It is neither easy nor is it simple, but nothing ever is. My weeknights are still filled with meetings, though they are not MYNA related. My breaks are now consumed in work and school, and if I can squeeze in a MYNA camp I do. My relationship with my deen has always been a rollercoaster, but my MYNA family remains as my backbone to this very day.

Without a doubt, MYNA played a pivotal role in my growing up. It was through my time in MYNA that I was able to hone in on my professional skills, where I was able to built relationships with people across the country, and where I found my passion for the work I do now. No matter my age or how distant I become, MYNA will remain, God willing. I could not be more proud of the youth who hold the reigns, who keep this organization moving forward. In a few years I may not recognize a single face or regularly attend MYNA events, but I will never forget what this organization gave me. As I watch my sisters become increasingly involved, I can only pray that they contribute to and gain from the people and experiences MYNA has to offer.

May Allah accept the efforts of the youth and allow for them to continue serving Him, and May Allah bless the adults who support their efforts, as they know power lies in our young people. Ameen.
-Zoya Khan