Let me tell you about a magical place. Let me tell you about adventures and learning, friendships and fun, education and practical ideas and even some not so practical ideas, and leadership and kindness and faith. Let me tell you about MYNA.

As a proud MYNA parent, I want to tell you about the extended support which MYNA offers to my kids. MYNA has inflamed a spark in my children to become more. Just more. More ambitious, more accomplished leaders, more responsible, more practicing of their faith, more kind, more giving, more friendly...just MORE.

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We have 4 beautiful children. Alhamdullila, we are truly blessed. My four have been a part of many, many clubs, organizations, have led seminars, done community and service events etc. But none have compared to or come close to this MYNA magic.

This is MYNA. MYNA has ignited a flame in my children to become more, lead more, accomplish more, give more, strive more, do more. Just more.

I am a MYNA mom through and through...and that MYNA magic...may have rubbed off on me too. And for that I am truly grateful. Alhamdullila.

Humbly and gratefully,

Hena Qadri (MYNA mom)