Count Your Blessings

Sometimes Allah places you in positions you would have never dreamed of. By the grace of Allah, my family was granted the blessing of opening a business five years ago. Alhamdulilah, my mother, my sisters, and I own Bella Hijabs in Indianapolis. We also run our store online and have a customer base world wide.

As a Muslim woman entrepreneur at the age of 21, it's a huge blessing to break barriers and stereotypes. At the same time, it is a strange feeling playing as a role model for both Muslim men and women of all ages. Personally, with this role I find myself in situations where Bella Hijabs is more than just a business. It's a place of comfort, familiarity, a safe haven. Sometimes it's even a place for advice, whether that's being given or received. There are so many stories and experiences I can share, but here is one of my all time favorites.

One morning a customer anxiously waited for us to open our store. He wanted to buy a gift for his wife. He mentioned that she is not Muslim and prays that one day she will learn the true beauty of Islam.

Subhanallah, during his visit he opened up about some of his hardships. He pointed to his arms which were full of tattoos and said, 

“I was lost in the dunya (worldly life/earth concerns) and Alhamdulilah I have found Islam.”
“I was in prison for 16 years. I was a criminal here in Indianapolis. I did really bad things. I can’t even find a job. I found Islam when I was in prison. The only source I had to Islam was when an imam would come visit and some books. I couldn’t wait to get out and meet Muslims. This is a dream come true, for me to stand here and talk to other Muslims. It’s so beautiful.”

This grown man had eyes full of tears and continued with, "You are so blessed. Allah made you a Muslimah (Muslim woman). He gave you a beautiful Muslim family. You have so many blessings. Look around, you are so blessed. Today, make sure you take a moment to just stop and thank Allah."