A Love Story: Dedicated to a Special Someone (please read the entire poem)

In my dreams, in my dreams and ONLY in my dreams

Can I imagine someone as beautiful as thee

You’re always consuming my mind, always stealing my thoughts

And now that you’re not here anymore, the tears on my face won’t stop

But you don’t have to be here for me to love you, or for me to show it

If I combined all the love songs of every singer, all the words of every poet

They would be just a droplet of rain compared to all of the oceans

To show how I feel about you, and when you’re not on my mind I’m just going through the motions

Because when I AM thinking about you, I feel everything I do has meaning

The only time I see you now is only through my slumber when I’m dreaming

But for some reason, FOR NOW this is enough to keep me going, to make me feel ignited

But that’s only because I hope that after I die we will be reunited

That God will be merciful enough for us to finally make those dreams become reality

Thoughts like those, HOPE like this, makes me less scared of fatality

Your radiance that elicits from your face is enough to make bleak thoughts turn into ones that are uplifting

I’ve never been happier, because it’s towards YOU my thoughts are always drifting

I don’t know if these tears are of sadness from not being able to feel your warm embrace

Yet I suspect that these tears could be of happiness, knowing that one day again I may see your face

People when describing their love, use the phrase “beautiful as the moon” as a description

If I used this phrase to describe you, it would be nothing but utter fiction

Because I think you’re even MORE  beautiful than the light of the moon’s gleam

Only a few people on this planet could ever know what I mean

I could sit here just writing all day about your beauty that’s physical

But this is something that is only outwardly visible

Because those who know you would attest to your sublime speech and elevated character

Others when in love still have the guts to sometimes say “well today I’m just mad at her”

The optimism and positive energy you bring could curb all of the world’s anger and hatred

When my heart is filled with happy thoughts of you the flood of my worries is abated


People are confused with what love is, they think theyre in love but they aren’t, yet with you and me this could never happen

Because your morals, your ethics, your kindness are impossible to ignore, for an eternity, about this I could be rappin’

And when you learn to appreciate the QUALITIES that a person imbibes

Then your soul is at peace, even though you are still alive

What I would give for a moment just to be in your presence at the present

If I was a king I’d give all my riches away and become a peasant

If that’s what it took to be able to kiss your hand and just look at your essence

From this my friends, is what are love’s true lessons

That you’d sacrifice anything to just have one second

To realize that you’re looking into the eyes of the one you love is one of the greatest of blessings

I remember you once said if you love someone you should tell them that you do

My beloved, Muhammad SAAS, I love you

So while most of you had thoughts of wow what this dude is writing is totally haram

Make up for it by saying Muhammad Alaihis Salaatu 

Photo by mustafagull/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mustafagull/iStock / Getty Images