We are always told to love Muhammad SAW, to strive to be like his example and to praise and honor him. But many of us, as youth, have trouble feeling a connection with him SAW and struggle to follow his example. Our answer to these issues is very simple, to love and honor someone you have to know them and when we ask ourselves how much we really know about him SAW, we will find ourselves deficient. Seerah of our nabi SAW is one of the most refreshing things to study within Islam because the life of the prophet was Islam. Reading through a book of seerah, you find so many Quranic ayat that seem more reachable when used in a real life. Muhammad SAW was a real man who had real difficulty and sacrifice, but also great joy and happiness. The seerah teaches you how to act in all situations because he SAW, just like us, had to deal with life and its hardships. But the seerah can give you more that just life lessons, because it can also give you the after life lessons. We have the stories of a man who had a direct connection to Allah SWT, what more could we ask for? It is so much easier than we think to respect and truly love someone who we have never met before, all we have to do is start reading. InshaAllah through reading about his life SAW, we will one day get to meet him SAW and be blessed with his SAW company in Jannah.