Beyond Likes and Retweets: Meaningful Struggles for Social Justice

MYNA events are generally a day long or at a length of a couple days. The idea of a morning-only event for MYNA was very tough to get approved, as so many committees and boards had to approve it and the event itself was about 4 hours long. Dr. Altaf Husain was coming to town for an event for CAIR Kansas and the Board of CAIR Kansas thought that the youth should also have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Altaf. After getting 6 committees approval, we got the event approved to be a masjid and someone volunteered to donate pizza for the event. The topic of the event was "Beyond Likes and Retweets: Meaningful Struggles for Social Justice". The youth started off the event by compiling a list of effective methods to solve the specific social justice issue given to them. Then, all the groups presented their ideas on how to solve their social justice issue, which was either poverty, healthcare, immigration, or racism. Dr. Altaf came prepared with information on Kansas City and gave the youth statistics about social justice issues in the region. This information was very surprising to many attendees. Everyone in the room learned something new in the short time we were together. The youth also got to learn about how Muslims are helping today in Kansas City by volunteering their time with free health clinics, women's shelters,  and refugees.